About our company - PitRex

PitRex is an innovative digital asset company based in Washington, D.C., focused on pioneering and leading a new era of the digital economy. Founded in 2016, we have since been committed to becoming a pioneer in the digital asset space, bringing exceptional value to our clients by providing advanced quantitative trading, comprehensive digital asset management, and professional cryptocurrency advisory services.

Our Mission

In this era of fast-moving digital economy, PitRex's core mission is to help customers achieve long-term success by providing innovative solutions and exceptional service. Our goal is to be a leader in the digital asset space, finding a solid position for our clients in this ever-changing market through expertise and customized strategies.


Professional Services

Our services range from basic cryptocurrency trading to complex quantitative strategy development, including but not limited to:

Quantitative Trading & Strategies

We utilize the latest technology and algorithms to develop and execute advanced quantitative trading strategies that are designed to maximize returns and minimize risks.

Digital Asset Management

We provide a full range of digital asset management services, including portfolio construction, risk assessment, and ongoing market monitoring.

Cryptocurrency Advisory

We provide our clients with industry-specific insights and advice to assist them in making informed decisions in the complex digital currency market.

Technology Leadership

PitRex has an experienced technical team dedicated to developing and maintaining cutting-edge trading systems and analytical tools, ensuring that our clients can take advantage of the latest market data and trends.

Compliance & Security

Security and compliance are at the heart of our business. We strictly adhere to international financial regulations and best practices to ensure the security and privacy of our clients' assets.

Customer First

At PitRex, we believe that the key to success lies in excellent customer service. We deliver a personalized customer experience that ensures every customer gets the support and resources they need.

Our Certificates

Our Certifications & Compliance

PitRex prioritizes compliance and security. We hold the relevant certificates and licenses to ensure that our client’s investments are fully protected. Our compliance measures are in line with international standards and strict compliance with regulatory requirements.

Customer Reviews

Voice of the customers

security and compliance

“I feel at ease with PitRex’s emphasis on security and compliance. Their platform ensures the security of my digital assets while complying with all regulatory requirements. “

excellent investment platform

“I am very satisfied that PitRex has provided me with an excellent investment platform. ”

friendly customer support

“Their customer support team is always friendly and responsive. Whatever questions or concerns I had, they were able to provide a clear and timely response. “

satisfactory gains

“I was amazed at the return on my investment in PitRex. Their expertise and trading strategies have allowed me to make satisfactory gains from the market. “

honest and transparent

“The credibility and transparency of PitRex is impressive. I feel very reassured that they are always honest and transparent about their investment plans and strategies. “